Graco’s machine shops are a one-stop resource for downhole fishing tools and oilfield support services.

Located among Graco’s core strategic locations, and with decades of servicing national and independent companies, we have established a reputation in the machine shop - representing quality and reliability. Graco’s machine shops have the ability and expertise to tackle any job - retrieval, removal, or intervention. We offer a full range of standard and specialty tools, ready for shipment 24/7.

Combined with the experience and knowledge of Graco’s fishermen, our shop capability also enables us to custom-build tools for special situations. We can put a new spin on a traditional tool, or develop a new design to your specifications. Anything a customer can dream up or sketch out, our craftsmen can bring from raw stock to rig-ready.

Graco specializes in making existing tools work harder and longer by dressing them with tungsten carbide. A mill, a drill, or a bit with tungsten carbide cutting surfaces can easily slice through rock, cement, metal, and composites. Graco’s shops are staffed with technicians who truly live this business. These people know the oilfield never sleeps, and that is why we will be here to answer the call, whenever it comes in.

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