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Graco offers a specialized thru tubing division with expertise in custom solutions to tackle any down-hole problem.  This growing team of dedicated professionals are poised to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs and can design BHA’s suitable for any specific situation.  Whether deployed on coiled tubing or stick pipe, Graco’s thru tubing services offer first-class wellsite supervisors and reliable tools that are fit for purpose.  Thru tubing intervention is increasingly used to service and complete highly deviated, extended reach and horizontal wells which have become the typical new well design in today’s field development.  Graco’s full suite of thru tubing motors are designed for maximum run performance and efficient drillout results, saving you rig time and cost.  We demonstrate the experience and track record required to perform advanced and cost-effective thru tubing intervention operations.

Thru Tubing Solutions & Motors

We provide all thru tubing, fishing and motor needs an operator requires for their next drill out or workover program.

Let our experienced supervisors and best-in-class tools make the measurable difference on your next well.

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