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Tubular Rentals, Inspection & Repair

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Graco carries a large and diverse inventory of rental tubular strings for completion, workover, and specialized fishing operations.  All tubular are cleaned, inspected, and repaired after each job to ensure each string is ready for deployment as soon as the need arises.  Utilizing state-of-the-art inspection and repair facilities and equipment, Graco maintains a very high standard of rental tubular quality and performance for all customers.  From premium thread connections such as PH6, to the standard EUE thread type, in all common sizes and grades, we have your need covered. 

DSC00154 (1)

Additionally, we have several different types of tubing in larger sizes and even drill pipe dedicated to those technically challenging fishing projects that require specific washover and pulling capabilities.  With a dedicated tubulars division staff and Graco trucking to support customer needs, no rental is too large or complex.

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